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How fast are you getting to your new leads? What are you doing with leads you did not close? A key to strategic growth is getting to your leads faster and then following up on ones you missed. An effectively designed Call Center team is instrumental in taking your business to the next level.




  • Call Centers can be as small as 1 person to more than 100

  • We audit all aspects of your Marketing and Sales reports to strategize what you need to have a successful call center

  • Then we create a complete step by step plan with weekly follow up to ensure continued progress


  • Working with your budget we create stellar ads to help you stand out from the competitive environment

  • We handle the entire hiring and training process to ensure you new call center operates successfully from day 1

  • Fully involved training includes scripts, rebuttals, live action guidance, and motivation


  • Continued weekly recap to expose weak areas between different teams

  • Guidance to team needs based on marketing funnel

  • Weekly analytics discussions to make sure teams are hitting call volume, sets, and hours to demo